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16" Western Buffalo Bill Saddle

Very Rare Find!
This really is a one of a kind, custom made saddle. Super heavy duty, built to last just like in the good old days. Marked Buffalo Stillwater, OK, made of the finest quality, hand tooled tanned leather.
Saddle has a 6 inch gullet, 16 inch swells, 27 inch skirt, full quarter horse bars. Double rigged with complete rigging, blevin buckles, Rawhide laced stirrups. Tree is, of course, rawhide wrapped.
Saddle is very uniquely tooled, double steel lacing on the cantle, fenders, skirt and fork. Extremely flashy. The horn is silver capped. Real Turquoise gemstones embedded on the fancy silver on the skirt corners.
The sheepskin is in excellent shape, hardly used.

WARRANTY: Saddle purchase includes manufacturers warranty on the tree where noted. If tree breaks under normal conditions, they will replace the saddle with the same or similar model. Buyer must provide proof of Purchase. Warranty not valid in case of misuse or abuse of saddle.