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Meet Sasha!!

He's Curly, full ABC registered & Pinto!

Full Mane & Tail!       Sorrel Pinto!        Pure Curly!!        Another Sunnybrook Stables Foundation Sire!

*DSF Sasha's Thunder
ABC 3509
Foaled: June 12, 2005

*Sasha's Thunder

2005 Pinto Curly Stallion

Sire: * Blue Mountains Thunder
Dam: * BNC Sasha


     We found Sasha in the mountains of Washington state, USA at Kettle Falls. Tammy of Dreamswept Farms runs a handicapped stables there and knew she had a foal of stallion quality. April of 2009 we headed off to the US border in British Columbia and met up with Tammy and 2,000 kilometers later returned home with our wonderful new boy.
     See his pedigree at Sasha's Pedigree!