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CCHA Meeting!!

     July 3rd was the annual meeting for the CCHA at Ron Gales place in sundre, Alberta. Pictured above are 4 of the directors! Myself on the left, then Verlin Rau (our new president), Ron Groves and Monica Dublanko. Sandy Henglster had to leave but was in attendance.



Most members arrived on the Friday and enjoyed a training show with Ron.

It did rain in the afternoon so they went out for a trail ride and had a bar-b-que!


Ronís property adjoins some excellent grazing reserve land. It is very rolling and has lots of fantastic view points. We took Charmer and Daisy and had a very good ride.


It was a super place to train horses to cross water. Here is Ron Gale showing Dales horse that he really can do this!


There was a huge rock out in the middle of no where. Of course some of the horses thought that it was a big white bear that would totally consume that in any given moment!

The last picutre is Ron Gale with his horse going down the slippery river bank.