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Dandee does Dandy!!

Amanda and Nicole compete at Skorrybrook Stables.

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June 24th, 2007

Early rising for 5:30 AM and hit the road before 7! Arrive at Skorrybrook before 8 with lots of time for Nicole to get ready for her dressage tests. Alix joins us and is a big help getting the horses fed and watered.

Nicole rides at 9:30 and Amanda won't ride untill 3:30 but she joins Nicole for support. Nicole and oakley do thier very first dressage test competition and there are some nerves on both sides.

Second test is 100% better than the the first and Nicole is very happy that she did it. They complete every movement and both are much more settled.

Then finally it is Amanda and Dandee's turn in the ring. They have been schooling very well and it shows on the course. Dandee never refused One jump!

This is their first time competeting at 2'6" and Dandee gets a little tired near the end.

Who you lookin at??!! Amanda is focused, but Dandee is gawking! Can you see the rail in mid air on the second jump?

Super nice form over the Lego jump!

First time over the barrels Dandee only hesitates for a split second, then up and over he goes.

Very nice form Amanda.

And excellent focus.

The competition is over at 7:30 and Amanda is thrilled with a 5th and 6th place ribbon. Just as we climb in our vehicles it starts to pour! Perfect timing.