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Canadian Classic
Curly Horse Show!!

Complete listing of placings are here!

Our largest show ever, and it was a great one!!
Entries from all over - Buck Creek, Breton, Drayton Valley, Athabasca, Thorsby, Calmar, Warburg, Alsike, Mulhurst and Stony Plain!!
Special thanks to Gary for organizing, timing and setting up the Trail Class. This years was very challenging and excellent training for all horses that entered.
I hate mentioning names as I know I will forget someone, but BIG thanks to: Tracy, Stephanie, Carla, Chad, Kim, Diane, Virginia's mom, my mom!!, and everyone that helped clear and set up the arena and kept the flow of riders coming!!
Without your help the show would never go.
31 Horses!! Yes, we had 31 separate horses entered in this years show. That related to 225 entries in all classes. Wow!
Riders arrive in our cool wet weather and prepare their horses for the show.
Classes start right on time and our first is the halter. Ambrosia was first in the 2 year old and under female and Golden Girl second.
In the over three classes for the males First was McCoy, then Wyatt, Pepper, Diego and Charmer. First in the females was Cierra Amberina (Amber, pictured above with Franzi), then Oakley, Martika, Seleena and Snippy.
  The next class is Equitation with Kelsey in first for the Juniors on Chester, and Sheza Seleena in first with Franzi for the Seniors. First in the Senior Dressage was Falon and Angela Pfeiffer, then Kruzer and Franzi, Seleena and Franzi, Charms and Kim Hughes. Junior first Dandee and Amanda, then Diego and Hillary, Wyatt and Megan, Charmer and Virginia.
That's little Alix ready for her next class on Snippy. Snippy was an angel for the show, as usual. Virginia and Charmer sleeping between classes!!
While the dressage tests were running Gary judged his trail class. Here's Pepper backing through the L and going through the wall.
Dragging the bucket and going through the wall, which was a real challenge for many of the horses.
The tarp was easy for all the trail horses, not so easy for everyone else! Another new obstacle this year was his bridge. Lots of horses did not like the noise it made when they stepped on it.
Pepper over the bridge, and the judge!
Charmer in the L and suppose to be waiting while Virginia pours the grain. First in Trail Senior was Seleena and Franzi, then Andee and Stephanie, Falon and Angela Pfeiffer, Doc and Stephanie. Junior Trail First was Dandee and Amanda, then Diego and Hillary, Wyatt and Megan, Pride and Midori.
There were horses everywhere and lots of spectators this year to. At least it did not rain!! First in the Senior Pleasure Class was Seleena and Franzi, then Oakley and Nicole, Warrior and Kim Hughes, Denny and Kim Anderson. Junior Pleasure First Diego and Hillary, then Champion and Holly Hughes, Wyatt and Megan, Pride and Midori.
Half hour break for lunch and we start the jumping classes. Mom took lots of pictures, but the riders were too fast and they were mostly a blur!!
First in the Cross Rail Jumper Senior was Warrior and Kim, then Doc and Stephanie, Kruzer and Franzi, Oakley and Nicole. Cross Rail Junior first was Dandee and Amanda, Wyatt and Megan, Diego and Hillary, Charmer and Virginia.
First in the 18" Jumper Senior was Warrior and Kim, then Falon and Angela, Doc and Stephanie, Denny and Kim. First in the Junior 18" Jumper was Dandee and Amanda, Wyatt and Megan, Diego and Hillary. We had some exciting jump offs for this round.
The 2' Team Relay Jumping proved very interesting with some excellent strategy involved. First place team was Wyatt and Dandee with Megan and Amanda riding. Second team Warrior and Falon with Kim and Angela. Third team Denny and Diego with Kim and Hillary.
Our Pee Wee entries. That's Jacob in the background, Kim's son, on Warrior for the lead line in all the games!! We had our usual toilet paper race, egg and spoon, stakes race, bending poles, mug race, barrels, and key hole.

The egg and spoon was very interesting, took a number of rounds for elimination before Kim won on Denny. Hillary was a close second on Diego, so close we had to run it twice to see who won!. Dandee and Warrior cleaned house in the barrel racing. Chester and Falon must have glued their toilet paper together to win first! Dandee was first in the Stakes race, then Andee and Martika. Keyhole was Dandee, Wyatt then Andee. Pole Bending was Wyatt, Andee, Dandee. Mug Race Seleena, Denny, Dandee.

Franzi accepts the reserve Champion prize for High Point Champion with SS Sunnybrooks Sheza Seleena. This is totally the result of the time that Franzi spent with Seleena this year. Franzi fell in love with Seleena as soon as she arrived from Germany. Took her on all the trail rides, to the mountains, cattle drives and rode her every opportunity that she had. Good work Franzi! and thankyou.

Kim Hughes wins Senior High Point Champion on SS Nevada Warrior!!

Amanda Sturski wins Junior High Point Champion aboard her horse Dandee!! The three top riders were extremely close in their placings. Amanda and Dandee with 30 points, Megan and Wyatt with 29 points and Hillary and Diego with 28 points. Wow, what close scores. Excellent riding girls, you have all come a long, long way to the first time I saw you all ride. Good work.

Megan Dick accepts the Junior High Point Reserve Champion with SS Sunnybrooks Wyatt.

At the end of our horse show there was a special surprise for me from Franzi. She had been training Pall for a Kur to one of the songs from Spirit. It was an awesome ride and she even trained Pall to carry a banner that said "Thanks Deanna!". Was very touching and thoughtful. Thankyou Franzi, and maybe see you in Germany in March!!