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7th and final tour bus arrives for 2005!!!

2005 saw another first for Sunnybrook Stables. We had seven tour groups arrive to be introduced to the wonderful world of Curly horses and our Natural Horsemanship training techniques.


The big coach bus pulls into the yard and everyone heads for the stables.


Well, some have to make a pit stop first! Upon entering the stables everyone is greeted and requested to sign our guest book.


People browse our many displays we have set up and then head to the ring for the first demonstration. We have all the straw bales set up for everyone to sit on, and of course our democrat is on display.


Introductions are done and a brief history of the stables and the horses.


I give a talk about all the unique characteristics of our curly horses then Oakley and I do a round pen demo. Everyone is amazed at the control over the horse with just our body position.


This first demo lasts about half an hour and there are lots of questions afterwards. We take a 15 minute break and some tour around to see the other horses.


Then itís time for coffee and fresh home made muffins! Itís a gorgeous day so everyone lingers outside.


Mom takes a pic of her favorite, Annie. We had her and her babe in, Chautise and her babe Davinah , Fools Gold, Cierra Amberina and Doc Halladay.


Itís such a perfect day we decide to do the riding demo outside. Anna looks good in her cowboy hat! Itís still pretty muddy, so we take it slow. Everyone is in awe of the control we have of our horses.


Then itís time to leave! Wow, did that go fast. Everyone boards the bus on to their next stop.


I thank everyone for coming and they are on their way! Our two little mouseketeers fight over a piece of muffin! It was another super tour and we are thankful to everyone who participated.