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Here's some pics of our trip to Arizona!


The first of May is an excellent time to head south! It was –2 and snowing when I left Alberta and plus 32 while we were in Phoenix!! Fantastic weather, sunshine the entire trip.


I had never seen cactus blooming before. They are gorgeous. The colors are very vivid with excellent contrast to the plant itself.


We spent an afternoon at Old Tucson. It was a picture perfect day! They put performances on of different Old Time Western scenarios. This one was a bank robbery.


Gary’s nephews were scared by the gun shots. They tried to tell them it was only pretend, but they wanted no part of it!


Look who is in jail! Another shot of the wondrous prickly pear cactus.


In this scenario they captured the robbers and sent them to the hanging rope.


The thinking pond. Gary’s niece.


The grandkids having some fun. They had motorized replica’s of Model T’s to drive around a track plus a little train to tour the grounds on.

Everyone’s favorite (me included!)


A stunt show was given and it was a real hit. Most of you will recognize the building in these pictures from the movie "The Alamo!". The actors fell off the roof of the church, backwards on a ladder, slide down the rope (second picture) and shot the heck out of each other. Was an excellent afternoon’s entertainment.