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We were thrilled when Tanja and Gaby decided to bring SS Ahani Sprite and SS Walcurly Nakita into Germany and into their hearts!

Our trip started Monday evening when we loaded Nakita and Ahani into our horse trailer at Sunnybrook around 6 PM. Both of these little fillies had been in quarantine for a month and were full of energy when we led them out of the trailer.

We arrived in Calgary around 9:30 and the federal vet there gave us all a scare when he told us that Ahani could not travel as she had some warts. I had pre-cleared the horses out of Edmonton and the vet in Luxembourg had advised warts were not a problem, but the vet in Calgary was on a power trip and had everyone sweating. Eventually he agreed that if we had letters from the consignees he would allow the horses to travel. So our agent in Vancouver was on the phone and Gabby and Tanja had their faxes to us in no time.

The box stall is prepared and we transfer the horses from our trailer into the box stall. We place shavings on the floor and hang our hay nets in the front of the box stall. After the horses are loaded the container is taken to the scale and weighed. (second picture)

The horses are then transferred on the pallet with wheels to the plane! That is the tail of our plane behind out truck.

I took some pictures of the horses being loaded, but it was too dark outside for them to turn out. Above is our little curly fillies in their box stall inside the Boeing 747-400 plane! They were absolutely awesome loading and travelling on the entire trip. I was super proud of these little girls.

We depart at 1:30 Alberta time and arrive in Luxembourg 9 hours later, The second picture is our horses coming out of the belly of the plane. They are quiet and calm the entire process.

I travel in the little bus to the quarantine area while the horses are taken with a mini tractor. We must wait for the vet to arrive and do his inspection.

The box stall is pushed off of the tractor dolly onto the ramp. The front of the stall is then opened and we lead the horses out into their stalls to await the vet. The entire process takes about 1 Ĺ hours.

Everyone is here to meet the new Curly horses!! Gabyís whole family, grandma included, and Tanja and her husband.

Ahani in quarantine. Ahani must make a 6 hour ride to her new home. And everyone is at the stables awaiting the arrival of the new Curly filly! Nakita is lucky, her new home is only 2 hours from the airport. It is very difficult for me to say goodbye to Ahani as she is the result of 15 years of specialized breeding here at the stables.

Nakita has her shipping boot removed and everyone is very happy with her. She stands for all the attention and is happy to be on the ground!

Everyone checks her out and she stands rock still for the inspections. Nakita is one of our very special, naturally gaited, foxtrotter fillies. Her curl is perfect as is her temperament and conformation.

There was a huge, over 16hh horse, beside Nakita and she was pretty intimidated by it! Thankfully the owner of the stables was very aware and moved him immediately. Very quickly she settles in and figures out the waterer.

Itís almost midnight, but we must make a tour of the stables. This used to be barns for cattle, but they have very smartly converted it for horses. I was impressed with the size of the stables, but mostly with the friendly people that I met there.

They have done an excellent job making the new stalls, with openings for round hay bales for ease of feeding, plus the horses donít waste any hay! All of the lumber was cut from trees from their own land! Every barn that we entered smelt very fresh, not like many other stables that I have visited.

After our tour we return to the stables for a mini celebration! We return to Gabyís home and have supper after midnight! (it is 4 oíclock in the afternoon for me and I have travelling now for 22 hours, plus I was up 12 hours before that to go to work!) The next morning we go for our final good-byes.

Then it is time to fly home already! Wow, that time sure flew. Above are some shots of the frozen water over Iceland. Very remote and rugged.

I fly to Los Angeles, then Las Vegas (pictured above) then Edmonton. Arrive home at 6:30 the next morning (26 hours after we left Gabyís home!).



Received the following pictures from Tanja on Ahaniís arrival! Thanks Tanja!

It never ceases to amaze me how our horses settle in so quickly to their new homes. Look how cool and calm Ahani is! Super job Tanja. I know you had some apprehension about loading Ahani at the airport and I was so happy it all went smoothly, as I had hoped.

Tanja says she is taking Ahani for a walk every day and is very pleased with how calm she is. (Except when a vehicle started right beside her and poor Ahani was completely surprised!)

Ahani certainly cannot complain about her new home! Look at the gorgeous meadow she has to graze in.

Well, goodbye Ahani! Going to miss you here at the stables. As most of you know I raised Ahaniís grandmother, Annie, from a baby, and her mother SS Annieís Oakley was our winner of the Alberta Horse Improvement Program for Superior Alberta Bred Horse!!