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New Pictures!!

     Here's some pics of what's been happenin!
Pics of the Gang in Winter
Here's some of the gang just after our big wind storm! The winds were 110 mph and hailing in December. Kruzer and Dandee share a back scratch.
Kruzer and the Bucket.
The horses had just finished their treats, but Kruzer thought there just might be something left in the bucket. Maybe if I roll on it I might be able to squeeze out one more oat!
I'll push it with my head first, knock it around a bit and try to shake it loose. Okay, I'll roll around to the left a bit and see what happens.
How about the right, if I really kick up my heals and squeal, mayb that will work. Lets see what we have, must be something there! Better hurry, Marky's coming to reap my rewards!
NO Marky!! It's mine, I did all the hard work!! Ohh, scratch a little lower, maybe this is all the treats I'll get!!
Norway Quarantine!!
Here's Felicity, Amoire and Luc in quarantine for Norway! They head out the middle of Dec. Excellent weather here right now. Wow, look at SS Pal's Anikan Ambassador! He's only a year old and already as tall as Palladin! His withers are only 1" shorter!
Kristine and her friends.
Kristine petting SS Marshal Dilon with SS Pal's Real McCoy waiting his turn! And of course SS Angelic Anika had to be part of the party! Kristine's mom said Anika is the tallest horse she has ever seen!
Pet Me!!
Kristine's favourite horse - Whoopi and Jonagold (her nickname for SS Walcurly Johnny Walker Gold). Can you see the braids she gave Whoopi?! SS Marshal Dilon making sure he gets his attention too! He is filling out now and looking fantastic!! Austin's full brother, so no wonder!!
Summer Memories!!
Me riding Dublanko's horse at the CCHA annual general meeting running the barrels. And me riding my best friend, old Major, bareback chasing up the horses.
Summer Memories!!
Post card picture from Karen in Germany of her and Austin and Prospector!! They are one happy family. Reidun captured this shot of SS Nevada Pride feeling pretty darn good!!
Excellent portrait shot of SS Pal's Audacious Amoire. Look at the profile lines of her head. So very elegant. And of course SS WalcurlyLucky Charms had to get in on the action. Man is he filling out to be one stunning boy.
Look at SS Walcurly Golden Girl pose for the camera. And check out those curls from Prince, true to his breeding she kept them all summer. Gold Rush's masterpiece. SS Walcurly Nakita. Perfect in everything. One of the rewards and reminders of why I do all this.
And then there was Luc. SS Luc Skywalker. Look at him taking in every ounce of attention he can steal. And his colour!! Here's Luc again, stretching as far as can to try and get some more of those rub downs!! He has the most character of any foal I have ever seen.
Whoopi's babe, SS Johnny Walker Gold, look at that mane. Double ringlets as a babe, can you imagine what he is going to be?? And of course the Prince Curls!! Here's SS Annie's Ahani Sprite, looking through the fence asking "Hey guys, is my mom in there??" Looks just like SS Annie's Oakley when she was her size, 5 years ago!!
German visitor!!
Katharina from Germany captured this sunrise looking out onto our hayfield. Kat was fascinated by our huge skies and amazing sunrise's and sunset's. Kat was also overwhelmed with the casualness of our riding in Canada. She said you would never see something like this picture of me riding my old guy Major, bareback, no bridle, no halter, chasing horses.
The night before Kat headed back to Germany she treated us to a mouth watering feast of Snow Crab! She said it is a real delicacy in Germany. And the sun sets once more on another grand Alberta day. The prairie sunsets are certainly some of the best in the world (but they do not beat Mexico! Ha Ha).
Happy Campers!!
Another super group of campers! Everyone pitched in and lent a hand where needed. 5 of the riders had hardly ridden before camp! Here's Elizabeth with my first horse, Major. Even though he tried to walk home on her on the trail ride, she still loved him!!
Nothing would stop Emily from saddling her own horse! Jack took it all in stride and was excellent for her to learn to ride. Here's the whole group doing the warm up ride before the trail ride through the jumping field.
And this was the warm up for the "Big Ride!" I always provide the children with a choice of a show or trail ride (weather permitting) the last day of camp. And everyone always chooses the trail ride!! Back in the bush! Here's Elizabeth checking up on Major when we stopped for our snack during the "Big Ride!"
Star's Babe!!
Finally! Here's some pics of Happy Hearts Morning Star's awesome Dun Filly out of Ann Quinn's gorgeous stallion, Pride's Dun Deal!! Look at the eyes on this sweetheart. They are very unusual. Black pupils with blue aorund then white! We named her SS Sunnybrook's Stars' Dun Dazzlin!
Came home from the mountains and our pasture was white! From seagulls!! I'm sure there was over 1,000 birds there. Reidun asked why the ground was white! These gulls are a very welocme site! They are consuming many of the grass hoppers that we have. Wish they would also visit our other fields!
Rare Breeds Canada!!
This was our first time to attend a showcase for Rare Breeds Canada. Since there are so few Curlys registered in Canada, and especially the world, these horse are represented by this organization. We took Gypsy Rose, her babe Gypsy's Jiggers (nick name for jigsaw puzzle as this is what his pattern looks like!) and of course our new ambassador Whinchester.
Winchester, with his crushed velvet summer coat, was an excellent choice to show the difference in the curly coat. He was always streching through the bars looking for attention. Jiggers was certainly the star attraction of the show. Everyone loved her sheepskin, wolly coat and her color was an added bonus. We were extremely proud to introduce people to this rare breed.
Super trip to Athabasca. Great weather and great friends. Here's Curious Crockett! Always checking out everything. Look at this boy, he is going to be one fine athlete in a another year. Jody rides him bareback all over the place!
And then there is "Murph"! He is well over 16hh now!! What a huge boy. And he truly is a gentle giant. Good thing!! We of course took in the rodeo while we were there. Eda had never seen one before and it was a super day for all of us.
Reidun & Felicity!!
Do you think Reidun was happy to see her best friend!!.
Reidun is very happy to be back "home".
Reidun is thinking of breeding Felicity to Winchester for next year. Will be a beautiful foal, but might be pretty lazy! Ho Ho
50 Danish Visitors!!
Thursday, May 27 we were honored to receive 50 Danish students and their chaperones for a tour of the stables. Even the weather was perfect. Everyone was fascinated with the Curly horse's unique characteristics. Many questions were answered about the horses and transporting to Europe.
I was honored when the organizer advised that most of the guys would not normally pay such close attention to a talk about horses! I sat on old Major to do the presentation. Buffy, Oakley, Sergant, Gypsy and Pall were shown. Palladin showed no respect for Reidun's and Eda's super grooming job, and had to roll in the arena!
Some more baby pic's!!
Misty's Missouri Fox Trotter baby. Gold Rush's Prince baby.
Black Beauty's babe from Pall. And another shot of SS Sunnbyrooks Angelic Anika's babe from Pall!
Trip to Heritage Park!!
Peter, Marco and Swen just getting off the old steam engine! Had a super day just cruzing around the pioneer village. Where else would the boys wind up! The old saloon! Lovely old pine chairs and round tables.
Would I love to have cabins like this one for all my guests to stay in. The log work is amazing, considering it was built in 1896! Huge fireplace, all natural stone work. It is open on both sides, so it heats both the eating and the sleeping rooms.
This is the old stalls for the work horses. Boy, would I love to have a barn like this! This a view of the train station. Lush green pastures for the horses to laze in all day.
Spring is in the air!!
Recognize this guy!! We had him out strutting his stuff this weekend. Every year he becomes a darky palomino colour and his mane is to die for in the Curly world. He's really muscled up nicely the last year and he is still full of character and personality.
Lucky Charms!
Curly Sarah's awesome looker from Lucky Touch. And he's a stud!! Pretty special guy this one! And he's showing his gait!
Pal certainly had other things on his mind that being ridden, but I never feel he will get out of hand. He is such a gentleman and so respectful. I love this guy. Even with mares in heat only 50 yards from him and his attention mostly there, he still listened to me and "tried" to concentrate on me!! Our first Prince baby! He is out of Gold Rush and really a gaiting little foal. We are thrilled with Prince, he is a pretty proud poppa!
Happy Lookin!
Megan and Winchester.
We are so thrilled with Winchesters' condition through this winter. He's growing like a weed and never looked better. He's totally recovered from his sickness last fall.
Finally! Here is the picture of the Curly Mule at Ole's! What a cutie he is.
Dagmar sent this excellent picture of Anna riding Miss Klondike Kitty in Germany. (AKA Cjura). It warms my heart to see these pictures. Dagmar emails daily with their progess and adventures. They are hoping to be at the demo Gary will be doing on Feb. 29th in Weisbaden. Caught this picture of Pall yesterday and thought it was hiarious. Looks like he is giving orders to his girls!
Lesson horses
We have some awesome lesson horses this year. This is Gary's favourite, Duchess. She is so quiet and friendly. I'm sure her size will intimidate a few riders, but once they spend a bit of time with her, everyone will love her. <Skookum is a perfect replacement for Patches. Same height, same build and same easy going temperament. She is 9 years old and a true sweetheart.
Sunny is going to be the stable favourite this year I am sure. She is 7 years old and beautiful. Reminds me alot of Angel. Not your typical pony attitude, very friendly and willing. Recognize this fellow? Yep, that's Spirit. Been running some barrels with him this winter and he could well be our main horse for taking to shows this year.