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    It has come to our attention that we have many faithful followers that visit our site regularily and we have decided to try to post some of our current activities here.

    10/20/2003 - Had to make more room for our news section. Many people have asked to know what is going on here at the stables and my memory is limited as to how much information I can hold here. If you want to see some of the old news, go to The Oldest News and for the news up to March 5th, 2004 Go Here .

    2/20/2004 - WOW! WOW!! We hit 10,000 hits today!! I just put the counter on here a year ago!
Links to some of our pictures - February 04 , Winter Stuff, Horses to Germany , Summer Pics , Summer Activities , Quebec Trip , Texas Trip .

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     4/20/2004 How many of you caught my blooper yesterday??!! I posted my draught of the Quebec Trip with lots of ?? in it and half of the names missing. Too much of a rush to get it posted I guess. I'm certain it has nothing to do with young age!! It is mostly corrected now, Marie-Claude is going to proof it for me and send any changes. Received my chastising from Bernard because I praised Tulsa so much and didn't say much about Commanche!! Here is what Bernard had to say -"
     That's all nice but Tulsa here, Tulsa there, Tulsa everywhere, little on my boy!
     He is great, already my best friend; I talk to him all the time. He is so responsive and forgiving ; I am real proud of him; Luke says he is very gutsy: the other day, he dare eat at the same bail of hay as #1, the big bad black 1800 lbs. horse; and another time, Luke saw him holding his own next to some of the bigger horses and he says they backed off! He's taking his place in the herd but mind you he's inherited a few (5-6) bites. I told him he should take care of himself but I don't want him to get hurt and that I would still think he's the greatest even if he backed off. When I woke up this morning, my first thoughts were for him. Luke cannot get over how well behaved they are, which, of course, makes me even more proud."
     Thankyou Bernard for you super email.   I will try to be more balanced in the future between Commanche and Tulsa!! By the way the big black that he refers to is HUGE!! He is definitely the boss there. When we were out on our trail ride Tulsa was terrified of him. Everytime he would hear those heavy hooves pounding up behind him he would tuck his tail and winch! He did not intimidate Commanche though!
     Afraid Windy Sue has an infection and will not be able to travel for about a month now! Yikes.
     Have a new girl, Nicole, for jumping lessons. Wow, what a natural she is. Said she had only jumped a few times before and has not had any lessons, but her position was picture perfect! Going to have some fun with her and Sam! Also have 6 new children for lessons, some will have to wait untill May to start as my lessons days are getting pretty full.
    Gary rode Oakley yesterday, said she never forgot a thing. We are certain that she did not catch last year. That makes me very sad as she is my number one mare for our future in the Sport Horse world.
     News from Karen in Germany. Prospector was kicked yesterday, but appears to be fine. Sounds like there were a few tense moments assessing his situation.
     We are currently working on inquiries from Germany, California and England! Sophia has sent the contracts on Tony and Sassy, so they should be going into quarantine in a few weeks. Dean and Kathleen emailed from Alaska and they should be arriving in a couple of weeks to pick up their boys.
     4/19/2004 Here ya go- lots of new pictures. Go to the Quebec Trip page to see the whole story on the visit with Marie-Claude and Bernard. And go to the Texas Trip page to see the delivery of Spar and some of the new horses. When you open these pages they will open in a new window, you will have to come back to this page to finish reading this story. Click on the following names to see pictures of the new horses - Charmer , registered as Prince Charming, but too confusing since we have Charming Prince, poodle like curl and much taller than I expected. Star a real awesome sweetheart of a horse. She is registered MFTHBA and smooth as silk. Bill , his mom was an appaloosa and his dad was Kutennai Drummer. He is going into training this week.
     Gary arrived back on Friday. He had traveled over 12,000 km on this trip. The horses were certainly happy to finally be off of the trailer. Charmer is going to be an awesome horse, just needs a few ground manners reinstated. Star is such a sweetheart that I could keep her for a pleasure trail horse and have many enjoyable rides on her. Saturday we dewormed all of the horses. This is a big job, but we also sorted out all of the horses getting ready for foaling, which should start in a couple of weeks!! Yesterday we finally did up the videos on Traveller and Spirit. Gary is copying them over today so we can finally get them sent off.
     4/16/2004 Spring is in the air! (even though we had 6 inches of snow yesterday!) So much happening. Last night I gave Marco, Peter and Swen a riding lesson. It was so much fun. Peter and Marco are here from Denmark and have been a huge help working at the stables. This was Marco's first time on a horse - and what a natural! Peter had ridden only a couple of times before and he was trotting around like a pro after only a couple of minutes. They all promised to come and ride at least once a week.
Looks like Dagmar may have found a place for Windy Sue close to her home. We are working on the details to have her transported from Austria.
Had another inquiry to move a horse to France, this could work out super with the two we already have going. Plus we have 3 quarter horses to move to England in July.
Gary should be home today from his long journey. He will be happy to get back.
Karen in Germany has a lady coming today to do a story on the Curly horses.
Marie-Claude sent a wonderful email on their first rides on Tulsa and Commanche without us. I will post it when I do their story this weekend.
Hopefully when Gary gets back we can get the videos all done that we need.
I have received many entries to the riding camps for this summer. Don't forget to get your entries in as some of the camps are full already.
The next couple of weeks will be busy getting ready for our Open House on May 1st!
     4/14/2004 WOW! What more can I say. This weekend I was provided with the absolute best hospitality one could ever expect from people that I had only known from a short 3 day visit two months ago. Bernard and Marie-Claude and her entire family welcomed us, in Quebec, with such warmth and enthusiasm I was overwhelmed. I will be doing up a complete story on the weekend, but had to post my overall impression with our visit immediately. Such history and family ties are rare these days anywhere. The entire family is so close and caring it was wonderful to be included in their activities. On Saturday we went for a trail ride in the Laurentian mountains with Luke, the cowboy where the horses will be spending most of their time. We left at 3 in the afternoon and did not arrive back at the ranch until 11 PM!! It was wonderful. By Sunday both Commanche and Tulsa had settled in and Bernard went for a trail ride and I coached Marie-Claude with Tulsa for a couple of hours. It was a sad good bye on Monday morning. One thing is for certain - Will definitely be returning in the summer time, both because I cannot wait to return to my new friends and also because it will be WARMER!!
Must get back to work - had over a hundred emails upon my return home, plus 20 phone messages. Much to do the next couple of days. The horses were all healthy and happy upon my return, thanks to Peter for looking after the stables in my absence.
The two horses from Dreamaker Farms are Perfect! We rode them in Quebec and again in Ontario. I'm certain they are wondering what the heck has happened to them! They are travelling very well and should be home, finally, (3,500 km later) on Friday.
     4/8/2004 I knew Gary shouldn't have stopped at Dreamaker Farms! We now have two more horses! One is a beautiful Missouri Fox Trotter Mare, Star, in foal for a buckskin baby, broke to death and the other is a Curly gelding, named - Prince Charming! LOL Gary is super high on Star. Says I am going to love her. Can't wait to see her. I must thank Ann Quin, of Dreamaker Farms, for her super human efforts to get the papers all done up on these horses for me. She drove 300 miles last night to get the federal vet signature that I needed for the horses. Then Fed Exed them overnight to meet Gary at the border this morning. They arrived and Gary should be clearing the border at 9 AM. Thankyou Ann, you provided service above and beyond.
Had the vet out yesterday and San Antonio Stroll passed his flex tests! And Sassy is in foal for the end of July. Hurray!! This means that they will probably be going to France in June. Kuttenai Kody and Kruzer, Real McCoy, Doc Halladay, Colt 45, Bill and Marshall Dilon are all geldings now.
I apologize if you have sent me an email and have not answered it yet. Things are very busy right now and every evening is booked with something. I had an inquiry from a lady in Switzerland that needed some information for her paper she is doing for university. Another inquiry from Nova Scotia for information. And I still haven't done my videos!! I'll be away for the weekend to join Bernard and Marie Claude for the arrival of Tulsa Jackpot and Commanche in Quebec!
     4/6/2004 If I could clone myself I might get it all done! Peter, Marco and I built the new electric fence on Sunday from 10 AM until 11 PM! Wow, but does it look good. Thankyou Peter and Marco. Spending every evening working with last years babes as the vet is coming tomorrow to geld the boys. Spar arrived in Texas and was an instant hit. EVERYBODY in the stables drooled over this gorgeous boy. Gary had some Cajun food and some grits. He loved the grits, but the Cajun food did not love him! I spent three whole evenings trying to coy over the video to CD and failed every time. Guess I'm not as smart as I thought I was!! LOL. Snicker Bar is sold. She has gone to a very loving home as a companion horse for their 3 year old and they just love her. Gary is in Missouri this morning, he is going to stop at Ann Quinn's, Dreamaker Farms, and look at a couple of Missouri Fox Trotters for me. He has three horses on heading to Michigan. I might fly out to Quebec on the weekend and meet up with him to deliver Tulsa and Commanche, who have left for Ontario!
     4/1/2004 Gary is on his way to Texas. Should be there Sunday and leave on Tuesday heading up to Michigan and then meet up with Tulsa and Commanche in Ontario. He has 5 horses with him right now, all going to the Houston area. Major inconvenience for him, he got a new cell phone and just found out that it will not work in the States!
Tony and Sassy made it to the vets on Monday. A couple of things went wrong. Gary had Sassy vet checked and not preg checked, so we still need to get her done. And then poor little Tony was way to upset to complete his exam. First trip in the trailer, it was windy, first time he had to leave all of his buddies, was just too much for the poor little guy in one day. So we will have the vet out here in the next bit and finish his tests. Thankyou Sophie for being understanding about this!
I have 3 sets of videos to get done right away and I have worked on them for the last 2 nights till midnight and I cannot get the camera to work! Frustrating!!
Camps are starting to fill up. Only a couple of spots left in some of them, so if you are planning on attending please do so right away as it is on a first come, first registered basis.
Had our first inquiry from Italy today! Not sure how my translator program will work with that.
     3/29/2004 1,200 miles later we are home again. Weather was nice in Salmon Arm, green grass, trees are budding and the horse, Jessie that we picked up to go to Texas is gorgeous. Our alternator went on the truck just when we left, but we made it to Calgary with no lights or gauges. Was a little scary driving through the big city wondering if the computer on the truck was going to quit.
Gary is taking Tony and Sassy to the vets for their exams today. He is leaving tomorrow with Jessie and Spar and picking up three more horses to go to Texas. He will then head back to Canada to meet up with Tulsa and Commanche and deliver them to Bernard and Marie Claude in Quebec.

Here's a new picture from Dagmar of her daughter Anna with Misty Whitney in Germany!
     3/26/2004 Never rains, but it pours! So much happening right now. Gary is getting ready to leave on his big trip. Been riding Spar, Commanche and Tulsa Jackpot most evenings. Lessons have started. Need to deworm and trim all the horses in the next week. Need a video done on Spirit and Traveller. Have to make a new CD for Dagmar. Gary is trying to relocate Windy Sue in Germany. Sassy and Tony will be going to the vets for their inspections. Nancy advised she would like to have some semen shipped to Germany from Prince. Have to get some pictures done for some registrations I sent in to the ICHO. Need to do a hair sample for some people in Dawson Creek. Need to deliver Cheyenne. And need to keep working all the new horses! Another busy year unfolding.
     3/25/2004 Sophie received the CD and she is THRILLED! She fell in love with SS Pal's San Antonio Stroll. He is an awesome boy, with tons of athletic ability (out of Doric Order a famous jumper, Tammi Lee a famous racer, and yet with Colonel Austin, Damele, O B Pinto, Nevada Red, Peacock D, Curly Q and Cheono Curly blood lines!). PLUS he has the perfect Curly traits. Super poodle type curls, ringlet mane and curly temperament. WOW! We know anyone would be thrilled to own this boy. He is our perfect Sport Horse curly and we would be proud to have him in France.
Gary had an awesome ride on Spar last night. He was riding along the ditch and some idiot went flying by him, pulling a rattly old stock trailer, with only 1 metre between him and the vehicle. He said Spar was a bit nervous (less than I would have been!) but never tried to spook or run away. Wow, what awesome temperaments these horses have. (and what stupid drivers some people are!)
     3/24/2004 Lots of activity! Gary just about has his trips planned for Texas and Quebec. He'll be riding the boys again here the next few days just to keep them polished. We are heading to British Columbia for the weekend to pick up a horse going to Texas with Spar.
Exciting times the next couple of days! Gary will be saddling all our horses in training and we get to see how his round penning pays off again. Really looking forward to seeing Sugar, Pride, Shawnee, Drifter, Warrior, Gypsy and Niva out on the trails! As soon as they are all going good it's time to start the ground work for Doc, Foxy, Marshal Dilon, Nugget, Martika, Colt 45, Diego, Fool's Gold, Misty, Gold Rush, Nellie, Little Mark and Cinder! Wow, think that will keep him outta trouble for a little while! Will be doing the video tonight for Traveller for Andrea in Germany. Sophie in France is still patiently waiting for the video on Tony and Sassy. Can't believe how long this air mail takes. Looks like Snicker Bar may be sold. A family is looking for a companion for their single horse.
Have another new student already that wants to learn to run the barrels. She is super excited to learn proper riding techniques. I love working with students like her as it is very rewarding to work with someone that is keen to learn!
     3/22/2004 Great weekend! Had Megan's birthday party on Saturday. The girls played games and just had some fun riding around. I rode Spirit for a bit and then climbed up on old Beauty Girl. Had her doing a running walk! Was cool! Everybody fell in love with Sunny, our palomino pinto pony. Megan used her to run the barrels and won everytime! Tracy used Beauty girl, Hillary on Skookum and her sister on Duchess. Sunday Gary spent working on the trailer getting ready for his big delivery trips. It has been a logistic nightmare for him to try and get everybody co-ordinated.
     3/19/2004 Dagmar has been hard at it again getting her story published in Germany! You can see it here Curly Horses Rheinlandpfalz!
Pride, Sugar, Shawnee Dreamweaver and Gypsy had a work out in the round pen yesterday. Gary really notices the difference working with our warm blooded curlys as opposed to the western curlies. Going to be a fun weekend with the Dicks coming from Athabasca for Megan's birthday party and little 4 year old coming tomorrow for her first ride on a horse for her birthday! Little Jessie that came for her lesson last night didn't sleep for two days before she was so excited. Her mom said that is all she talked about all winter!
     3/18/2004 Gary rode Prince last night! It was too funny watching the old guy! Prince tried a few bucks (about 6 inches high!) and resisted as much as he could (was like watching old Major in the spring!) and then floated around the arena like a dream!! Gary was drifting along in total bliss. You cannot watch this horse without totally falling in love with him. So much character and royalty about him. And man can he fox trot. He naturally fox trots in the field and it was great to watch him under saddle for the first time.
I was on my way home from work and Gary was riding Skookum beside the highway. I was in front of 3 huge 16 wheelers pulling gargantuan machinery. There was lots of traffic and noise. Gary tried to canter her up a little hill on the snow and ice and she slipped and fell. In my rear view mirror I saw her racing down the highway and had visions of her running in front of one of the big rigs. I turned around on the highway and jumped out of my car and headed into the deep snow along the road towards her. I was talking to her and trying to get her attention as she raced towards me and she ran right up to me and let me catch her. I was extremely impressed with this awesome mare. I had my first lesson of the year with her an hour later with 8 year old Jessie, and Skookum was absolutely perfect. Wow, we have a real super lesson horse here. Everyone will be wanting to purchase this mare. She is a real sweetheart.
Gary also had a great ride on Commanche. He also slipped and fell on him. But it was his first ride alone along the highway and he never once spooked at anything. He is an awesome horse. Spar also went for a tour and did awesome. I rode Traveller and he started to show me his smooth trot. Have some new ideas for getting the fox trot after talking with a trainer from Grande Prairie. Should be fun!
     3/17/2004 All our boys passed their vet inspections with flying colours! The vets are ALWAYS impressed with the horses that we take in. They always comment on the quiet dispositions of the Curlys! Our biggest problem is getting them to gallop away from us! The reporter came out and was very intrigued with the Curlies, and like most people could not believe that there was a hypo-allergenic horse. We used Winchester for the pictures as he is in excellent Curl this year. She wanted to contact someone we had sold a horse to, so we sent her to Tracy! Our Alberta promotion expert! Received another glowing email from Karen in Germany, here's some of what she had to say: "No one here has EVER seen horses this nicely trained, and they are about to put Austin in the Guinness book of records for being a miracle 3 year old. Your "training" appears to be miles ahead of similar "work" with 3 year olds elsewhere. When you say "trained means ridden outside", that is saying a LOT. Did you do a LOT more with Austin or is he pretty "standard" for your "trained" 3 year olds? You are selling a TRAINED Curly, and not just selling an expensive myth. I see a HUGE difference in those two schools of thought! If anyone questions your prices, send them to ME, and I will tell them your horses are worth MORE than you ask!" THANKYOU Karen! It is our dream that everyone that we sell a horse to feels this way.
     3/15/2004 Spring must be in the air! Lots of phone calls and emails the last week. Looks like Gary will be heading down to Texas with Spar and a couple of horses for other clients. Plus going to Quebec and hauling some horses back. Went to another breeders on the weekend, they had used that "Natural" horse wormer last year and were devastated to find out that it did not work and they lost a number of their horses from worm infestation. Just a warning NOT to use anything that isn't proven. Caught up on our branding yesterday. Did the video for France. Gary worked Wyatt and Sugar on Thursday evening. He has great feelings about Sugar. She is a very sweet mare. Have a reporter coming out this morning to do a story on the horses!
     3/11/2004 Hooray! Looks like we have sold our first horses to France!! Sophie is sending her deposit and we will be doing up the video this weekend on Sassy and San Antonio Stroll. She is looking to cross breed with her French bred horses. How exciting! And we know she has a good eye for horses as she chose the best stallion prospect that we have for sale. Congratulations Sophie, and thankyou for your trust.     
Gary had an awesome ride on Spar last night, galloping him all along the highway and taking him all over town. Spar had been a bit spooked in the arena when we had our 80 mile an hour winds on the weekend. But last night Gary says he was his normal self again. Super to hear. Gary also got our next 6 prospects back into the swing of things with training.
     Chuckle for the day - Just ran into the mom of Amanda, one of my 7 year old students. They were sitting at the super table last night and she was telling the children how hard it is to make a good living without your education and that all of the children must get good grades in school. She was asking each of them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Amanda said "I want to be what Deanna does!", her mom told her that I have to work at another job to be able to teach with the horses. Amanda said "I know". Her mom told her I was an accountant and Amanda said, that is what I want to be. Even though she had no idea what it was! She just decided that she wanted to do what I do. I was pretty flattered, to say the least.
     3/10/2004 Oh my, so much correspondence here the last couple of days, we could work full time just sitting at the computer!
     First off more awesome developments in Germany. Here is Karen's email about her latest accomplishment with our Curly ambassadors over there - GREAT NEWS! The Army's local 4-H group (about 13yrs and up) is going to "adopt" the horses. They actually have a whole curriculum on care and safety that the kids will start working on in class now, so they can go see and work with the horses starting in about two months, which coincides with better weather and hopefully happy adjusted horses.
     Wiesbaden is most likely going to be the ONLY foreign-based Army installation in the WORLD that will be doing this program with horses. Once the program gets going, we may get to do a story on the Armed Forces Network TV and Radio, and in the International Stars and Stripes newspaper, which has one of the largest readerships of ANY paper in the world. Good happy stories don't come aro und often, so the interest in this would be high, it is very unique. Doesn't hurt either that the Curly horses are hypo-allergenic...
     I am SO psyched about this, as I will send all of the praise for the horse's good behavior and training back to YOU, and I will highlight Sunnybrook's mission to make the world a better place, one Curly at a time."
     I don't know about you, but her story brings tears to my eyes. So heart warming to have someone like Karen working towards a better world with horses, and so rewarding to have those horses be from Sunnybrook Stables. Thank you so much Karen for both your kind words and your belief and trust in what we are trying to accomplish.
     Secondly, it is confirmed, Toiya, Snowden and Chinook will be heading to Dean and Kathleen in Alaska! We are so thrilled with this. All three of these horses required extra miles that we just did not have the time to give them, and they are going to a family with four children and they do packing trips in the mountains there. This placement is so perfect we could not be happier. Dean is a bronk rider, so he is the perfect person to give Chinook and Snowden the confidence that they require from a rider. Here is their family picture that they shared with us:

     Thirdly, Karin, Dirk, Linda and Leif from Germany have booked their flight to come and visit us on July 23rd. They are very excited about their upcoming trip. They were so thrilled when they found out that they could own a horse and not react to it. Karin will be taking riding lessons preparing for their visit.
     Fourth - Nancy is still working diligently to correct my horrible translation of the web site into German. She has it about 50% done now. It is hard for me to copy it over into the site, as I have no clue what it says! Ha Ha!
     Fifth is the correspondence with Daniela in Germany whom will be coming to Canada this summer also to see some curly horses.
     Sixth is of course arranging for Tulsa and Commanche to travel to Quebec. We will be spending another month on Commanche and keeping Tulsa on his toes ready for their travel. They will probably be going to the vet for their inspections and vaccinations next week.
     And we have Tracy, Jordy and Megan coming for Megan's birthday party on the 20th! Megan will be bringing some of her friends with her and we should have an excellent party!!
    3/8/2004 I am happy to report that Commanche and Tulsa Jackpot will be heading to Quebec! Bernard and Marie Claude spent the last two days here and wished that they were able to spend at least a week. In appreciation of our hospitality they brought a very interesting Indian artifact. It is a "talk stick". The Mohawk Indian custom is that only the holder of this "stick" may speak. I bet there are alot of households that could use this one! It is beautiful, has a deer horn on the end and a dream catcher and wolf fur with Raven feathers along the leather covered arm. Such a unique present, Thankyou Bernard and Marie Claude. Neither Bernard nor Marie Claude had ridden much prior to their visit. On Friday we mostly toured the farm and socialized. Marie Claude was so thrilled that she did not have any allergic reactions to the horses. Saturday was a 5 hour session with the horses, followed by a visit to West Edmonton Mall and fantastic super from our guests. Sunday morning was another 2 hour riding session with a bread and another 3 hour session! I know there will be a couple of visitors looking for the hot tub tonight! Then our guests made us an excellent, tasty and unique pasta dish and appetizer. I'm not sure who was treated to the most hospitality!! They are hoping for their new additions to their family to be delivered As Soon As Possible!
    We also received our visitors Sandra and Mike and their children from Ft. Vermillion. Mike has allergies and did not show any of his asthmatic signs around the horses. Their children are hoping to be in Pony Club this year, so they are looking for a calm riding horse for them.
    3/6/2004 –I just have to share this email I received from Karen in Germany! “Wow! Wow! Wow!

We rode to Marian's cousin's house today through the woods, a 6 hour ride and the boys were BRILLIANT. Amazing, I cannot say enough good about them. I am so high, I could bottle this and sell it to junkies. Nothing better on the planet!

Oh! Yesterday was terribly windy, the horses had been outside all day and were frisky as heck, and Marian decided to ride, I said NO WAY. he called me a chicken, got Prospector up in the little pen behind the barn to saddle him (the hallway was full and Prospector took one look at him and cleared the chest high fence in one jump. he looked JUST like a deer. Folks are impressed with him. Europe's premier jumping Curly. We may have to find someone to develop this talent!

The stable owner, who I trust, came out and said the winds were wrong, that all of the horse's were psycho and no one had ridden outside that day. He said "Go tomorrow, it will snow and they will feel relaxed". Wow. Guess what? It snowed. This morning we went to look at the horses, there is about 6 inches of lovely snow and everything looks like a wonderland and the air was so quiet and peaceful. The horses greeted us (what a feeling!) and they basically said "Hey! What took you so long? We are READY to go!" Amazing, amazing, amazing. No white eyes, high heads, flaring nostrils or heavy breathing. Did someone give them Valium? Was this Prospector? The Houdini horse? Was this Austin - the baby? Amazing, that is all I can say. It was a blessed day.

Austin is definitely the leader (a little Mussolini, actually, he is VERY bossy to all the other horses - little squirt!) and went where Prospector had his thoughts about going. The only time I got off was by the local power plant which hums like a tornado with no definite source, and Austin decided that sniffing the generators with me next to him was OK, but walking by was too strange. We'll see what he thinks about the generators next time - at any rate he walked up to the "scary" water tank that he didn't like on my ride with Gary and huffed and puffed at it on the way out and farted at it on the way back in. What a card! he and Prospector shy at COMPLETELY different things. Go figure. At any rate that is a nice benefit, as they both never really got bothered at the same time. Marian learned to turn the horse to face something coming up the trail, as a jogger coming up fast and silent in the snow made Prospector pee his pants. Marian said he saw it coming, but thought Prospector would know that a jogger was OK. Once again, go figure.

Three deer jumped up in front of Austin and all he did was put his head up, but the stuff coming from BEHIND seems to be scarier. OK, we pay attention, we check things out and we let the horses face stuff. A mountain bike group went by, the horses faced them (Prospector hid behind Austin) and they were just fine. I love the boys, they have SUCH personalities.

MY MISTAKE today was misjudging the metal rail that goes along the road, and Austin followed my eyes and cut the corner too short and found his ankles up against the metal. Shit. A car was coming up fast, he was confused and forgot how to back up, so I did the world's most ungraceful dismount (nice to know I remembered how to do an emergency dismount after all these years! Whooo hoo!) and got him around the barrier. OK; next time we'll practice that sharp corner on foot a few times.

Yesterday we practiced going over the creek that Gary and I worked on near the skate park. Prospector said not no, but HECK no (again, it was the windy day). Austin said "Um, excuse me, I think you've made a mistake here - that thing is deep and SCARY!" We pushed, pulled, drove from behind... duh. These horses are strong. So, I broke out the clicker. OK; all the horse purists are shuddering, but yes, I "bribed" Austin across. I think Clicker training is WONDERFUL, I was able to click Austin over, by the fifth time he did it he looked at me like "HEY! YOU TRICKED ME INTO THAT!". But they can't be greedy and scared at the same time, so Austin was going back and forth like a pro, and Marian (who hasn't got the click timing down yet) gave up and walked back through the field. I am fascinated with the power of greed a horses has... no whacking I could come up with would get Austin over that creek, but giving him a treat every time he took a step forward got him over before he knew what hit him. He had the FUNNIEST look on his face, and was actually really cool about doing it over and over and over. What a goof. He looked back at it the last time like "So much for YOU! I got TREATS!"

At any rate, we are still alive, all a bit wiser and more willing to cooperate with each other, and we all had a great day. The horses still gave their noses to say goodbye, no one hid in the corner afraid we'd catch them again, and so another great day comes to an end. Hooray!

You’ll have to correct my spelling, my happiness shut off the administrative part of my brain and I was too happy to spell check! Ho ho!”
    3/5/2004 - Received an email from Susan on Mirosah - "It is such a pleasure to work with a horse that I am not allergic to. I forgot that I am allergic (!) and patted one of the foals at the barn ...and sneezed all the way home and felt sick for 2 hours...this after spending 2 hours with Mirosah, one hour grooming with hair flying everywhere and no reaction whatsoever. I love the way she smells too, sort of like grain." Thankyou Susan for your encouraging words! See their picture in the testimonials page. Here's Susan and Mirosah.

Receiving lots of follow up emails from Karen regarding Prospector and Austin. Marian has been riding Prospector all over by himself!! Good for you guys. Karen has started Austin on his clicker training program and having a blast with that. Didn't take Austin long to figure out what he had to do to get a treat! She says she had him walking so slow it almost looked like a Spanish Walk! Now that would be funny, a North American Curly in Germany doing a Spanish Walk!! I promise to get a ton of pictures posted this weekend of the horses over there!
    3/4/2004 - Got to bed at 4 o'clock this morning! Plane was on time. Gary looked quite funny walking down the hall with a horse head under his arm, had to do a double take looking at him! And we had to look at all the pictures of everyone and I had to see the video on Horse Ball. Now that looks like awesome fun. Interesting strap they place along the girth to tie their stirrups together so they can basically hang upside down off the horse to grab the ball. Karen sent some neat pictures of hunt scenes. Excellent for my living room theme. Dagamr sent a bottle of wine! Gary has some excellent pictures of the horses and the stables that he visited. Some great shots of the forest that Prospector, Austin, Karen and Marian will be riding in. I'll post some this weekend.
    3/3/2004 - Gary is on his way home from Germany. Left Karen's 1:30 this morning our time. I pick him up at midnight tonight in Calgary and should be home by 4 tomorrow morning! Peter has kept all the horses fed and been a huge help the past week. Marco and Vincent assisted the last couple of days also.
Bernard will be arriving from Quebec on Friday with his wife to check out some horses. And Sandra will be arriving from Ft. Vermillion on Sunday with her family! We received our report from England that they did not reacte to the hair samples! Horray! Plus we need some new samples this weekend for a lady by Dawson Creek!
     Karen Z. from Curlies Austria reports that she may have someone interested in Windy Sue. Thankyou Karen for your efforts on finding her a home! Karen was able to take in a bit of Garys' first clinic when she picked up the saddle that he imported for her.

This is Diamond pulling the sleigh down our driveway. She is 1/4 Curly and Belgian.


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