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Feature Miniature
Curly Stallion Mazda!


2012 Pinto Palomino Stallion
Out of Cameo by Skipper

Miniature in size, HUGE in heart. Wonderful, full of character little Mazda just wants to be with you and please you. He's so easy to train and willing.

Mazda's Dam Thousand Oaks Lancelot's Cameo and picture of him with his sire Skipper.

Crystal drove Mazda in his first horse show for the Pacific Exhibition and he was 100 percent perfect! and he looked amazing.

Mazda in the warm up. Crystal was concerned he might spook at something as he had never been in an outdoor ring before, let alone the million things that were new. He NEVER shyed ONCE!!

Looking great. He only had a couple of months training in the farm yard before going in this show and actually won three ribbons!

Hard to find a miniature horse, let alone a curly miniature stallion, with such correct conformation and carriage. Mazda carrys himself very well and correctly proportioned.

Being saddled for the costume show. He LOVED all the attention.

He was very happy to be in the stall or out. Awesome for a young stallion. He thrived on the attention from all the people that fell in love with him.

All of the children at the show had to come and see the wonderful little curly horse, and Mazda was happy to visit with everyone.

That's little Mazda between the O and N on the back chutes being drawfed by the regular horses and he was never once intimidated or spooked by ANYTHING! He could fit under the belly of any of the other horses!

    To our out of country friends who are reluctant to "cross border shop" we would like to say that we are well experienced in shipping horses around the world and would be happy to provide references about our ability to make it a trouble free experience.