Equine Therapy-

      Individual, family and group sessions. Assisting with trauma, eating disorders, depression, internal conflict, relationships and loss. Our Foundation is truly believing that our clients have their own answers and trusting out equines to assist with that discovery. These programs allow our clients to reflect on their buried troubles and allow them to surface in a respectful, private, trusting manner that no “professional” office visit can ever duplicate. Get ready to jump, laugh, cry, scream, yell, sing and be quiet!!


      Aawesome grounding experience to reconnect with Mother Earth. To show you how to block the pressures of today’s fast paced world and reclaim control of your thoughts. Our Drumming sessions allow you to feel the heartbeat of the universe, extremely moving and joyful release. To bring people together for fellowship, learning, fun and spiritual growth.

Teen Groups-

      Facilitations for abuse prevention, drug awareness and self respect. Addressing peer pressure and depression, self improvement and self esteem.

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