Your space to experience hope & healing through horses. Explore Our
Rainbow Trails

What do we offer??

      We offer fantastic programs from equine assisted psychotherapy, to drumming circles and medicine walks. All of our courses are based on equine reflection and native traditions that have withstood the test of time for over 10,000 years. Grounding and self intuition is the basis for all of our sessions. Get ready to jump, laugh, cry, scream, yell, sing and be quiet!!

What is our goal??

      To bring you to an awareness of your self that everyone had as a child. To show you how to block the pressures of today’s fast paced world and reclaim control of your thoughts. To make you aware of your ability to connect with all creatures, great and small, through opening your heart and exploring your mind. And to bring people together for fellowship, learning, fun and spiritual growth.

How do we do it??

      Using ancient, native traditions from around the world, we honor the Great Spirit and all living things. Our horses are a medium for our Equine Awareness programs. These programs allow our horses to communicate deep troubles and allow them to surface in a trusted manner that no “professional” could ever reach. Our medicine walks through nature provide the opportunity to connect with Mother Earth and possibly find your Totem Spirits. Our Drumming sessions allow you to feel the heartbeat of the universe, extremely moving and joyful release.

Why do we do it?

      Because it is needed and we love to share it! We’ve lost touch with two of the most important contacts we need. Our inner heart and mother earth. These two essential elements are enjoyed by every child at birth. Through conditioning from our society we are taught to participate in the race to accumulate wealth and status. But the only true wealth we can take with us is spiritual and our only status that will matter is our relationship with the earth..

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