They sense our thoughts,
our inner secrets and
accept them without judgment.
       Our horses are the mirror, to your true self.
They canít lie, they reflect your honest emotions.
They seek to assist anyone who truly requests their intervention.

What are our healers??

       Our horses.    They only way to help someone heal, is to listen.    Listen to the inner self.    Horses, like people, are born with the intuition.    Unlike people, horses listen to their inner voice their entire life, they depended on it in the wild.

Why canít we heal??

       Some people call themselves healers, but they do not do the healing, only channel the energy that has always been there. Our horses become a medium for the energy to flow.    Many people will not open up to another person and allow themselves to follow the energy to healing..    They have lost their trust in other people and themselves.    Because horses are nonjudgemental, our clients can let down the walls, and trust as they have never done before.    We truly believe that every person has their own answers deep down inside, and that our equines are the best to reflect what they need to hear/know.

How do we allow a horse to be our healer?

       Quiet.    That would be the one word if I had to pick just one, that I could think of that would best be a starting point.    Be quiet in yourself and you will be amazed at all you will see and feel.    Block out all the outside noise, voices, activity that demands your attention and pulls you away from being you.    It is like being in a dark room and seeing a thread of light around a door, opening the door and being flooded in brilliant sunlight.

What breeds do we use?

       Any breed, age, gender.    For most sessions the horses will let us know who is best suited with a situation. Sounds crazy if you are not a horse person, but it is true.    Our horses range in breeds from miniatures (32 inches tall) to draft size (seven feet tall), from six months to 30 years, all colours and each one has their own personality. They are no different to people in that they each have developed their own characteristics from relationships, environment and genetics.