The drum is the heartbeat of our spirits and Mother Earth., calling all people together.

     Drumming has been a tradition in Native lives around the world for thousands of years.  It is an essential part of the ceremony for all events and stages of life, bringing everyone together for anticipation, celebration and grieving.

What are drums used for??

       To bring our physical and spiritual sides back in balance.  As with all native traditions the drum is used to bring balance through rejuvenatation by participation in song, dance and listening to the heartbeat.

Why is the drum sacred??

     It is alive as you are.  It must be treated with great respect and care, anyone coming into contact with the drum  must obey strict behavioral rules.  When you make your drum a ceremony is performed to connect it to your heart.

How do we participate in drumming?

     We will be holding regular weekly/monthy drumming sessions from March through November.