Why we do what we do and a bit of history.
      My name is Deanna Jean, my Cree teacher said I am Horse Woman. I am following a path that I never thought I would be on, never knew existed. I now know it is my life purpose to help anyone who asks for answers, to find inner peace and who seek their own life purpose. I will help you discover that you are "okay" with guidance from the multitude of resources I have and prove to you that you truly can do and be anything you want to be.

Who am I??

      I am a mother, grandmother, sister (of 7), friend, aunt, wife, horse trainer, horse breeder, instructor, stable manager, overseas exchange student host, accountant, auditor, carpenter, plumber, electrician, university student, waitress, hostess, salesperson, taxi owner/driver, big rig truck driver, dispatcher, manager of a restaurant, owner of a pizza restaurant, owner of a parts store, 4-H judge, Pony Club executive, youth leader, provincial government lottery board member, Brownie, Girl Guide and we have won awards for our accomplishments with our stables. I have raised hogs (50 sows), cattle (50 cows), horses (100 head), dogs, cats, fish, birds, and through out my life I have even helped turtles, snakes, birds and butterflies along the way. My main reason for telling you all this is to prove that I am no different to you, just an ordinary person making the best of my time on earth. Allowing the "energy' to guide me to a meaningful life. Allowing the "energy" to flow through me to others.

      My entire life I was drawn to both Horses and Native Traditions, not knowing why.

      I attend church, believe there is a higher power. Over the last few years I have read numerous books and taken courses on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, self healing, Reike, Crystals, Animal Totems, Spiritual Walks, Drum Connections, Colours, Aura Readings and various positive thinking specialists. They have all contributed to my journey. During my Reiki intonnment I was asked "what took you so long!".

      Am I a healer? NO! I am only a channel for you to allow spiritual growth and healing to happen.

      I took my first Medicine Wheel teaching with Yvonne Jobin, a Cree First Nations artist, designer and healer. Through Yvonne I learned the depth of RESPECT that is missing in today's society. I learned to listen to our spiritual guidance. It was through her I was recognized as Horse Woman, one who listens to horses. She told me one thought that was very powerful for me - "Remember, the first thought is the one from spiritual guidance, before our analytical mind takes over." !!

Why Horses?

      The connection between horses and people goes back farther than the connection to Christianity! Back to the cave man times as far as we can tell.

      There have been studies done in recent years to try and figure out what the "magical" connection is between horses and people. I don't think they will ever be able to analyze it scientifically. It is magical. The pull from the horse is one that reaches into our soul. And touches places that are hidden from other human beings.

      Horses really do feel our subconscious thoughts. They are not fooled by what our outward appearance is. They feel any tenseness in our body and respond accordingly. They have to. They need to know whether we are a cougar whose belly is full or if we are a hungry mother desperately looking to feed her cubs. They pick up our energy that we send off and react accordingly.

      The horse on our logo, Palladin, is a very special friend to me. I found him in California in 2000 and he was the father to many babies that have travelled into the US and Europe. He was full of love, tons of character, a mischievous mind and on top of all that, simply gorgeous.

Why am I doing this?

      Because it is needed!

      I have been fortunate to travel the world and in my travels I have discovered that we are all the same, all around the world.

      All people have the same self doubts, thoughts of failure and temptations to go astray, no matter what race, colour, sex or faith we are.

      From my childhood, where I was responsible for 6 young children, I have been looking after people. I guess it was only natural for me to find a way to continue with this helping and healing of others.

      There is no better feeling than to see someone who thought they were lost, to find the energy to carry on and become the person they always knew they could be.

What is the basis for our teachings?


      You can call the source of this energy whatever you like. But THERE IS an energy that is all around us. This HAS been proven scientifically.       The principle of our teachings are based on the Native American beliefs that have not changed in at least 12,000 years, and some say 40,000 years!! They held true through all this time, and all the changes that have taken place in our world as we know it. They provide for a very strong sense of family, extremely high respect for elders and are based upon the belief that we will have to account for our actions when we leave this world.

      Think about that last one for a second. If we will be asked to account for actions, do you think it might change what you do? Unlike some religions that say no matter what you do, you are forgiven, Native Spirituality says you will be asked to justify what you did! I like this!! It does not say that you will not be forgiven, but that you must be able to justify it.

      Everything that we consume is appreciated and the source is thanked. Everything that we consume comes from our Mother Earth. We cannot take anything from her without thanking her for it.
      All living things are of equal importance. We are no more important than a Blue Jay or a Mouse, to a stalk of grass or a spring flower.

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